Permanent Tattoo Removal

Advanced Solution for Unwanted Tattoos – 100% Safe & Cost-effective

Tattoos may fade with time but do not go away completely. You may wish to remove a tattoo for multiple reasons. However, getting rid of tattoos is often challenging since the ink deposits lie below the upper skin layers. Do not worry! With the advent of new laser technologies, non-surgical, virtually painless and permanent tattoo removal treatment is now possible.

Laser tattoo removal remains a popular service at LASKIN , performed by our top dermatologists trained in using revolutionary USFDA-approved Q-switched Nd:YAG technology. Find out more about the best tattoo removal treatment procedure, results and before and after images right here!  

Can You Remove A Permanent Tattoo?

Yes, it is possible to remove a permanent tattoo safely, either big or small, with the help of laser tattoo removal treatment. Leading dermatologists recommend laser as the best tattoo removal treatment as it uses new-age technology to break down and remove the artificial pigments from the target area non-surgically, permanently and precisely. It is one of the most painless and effective methods to eliminate unwanted tattoos without scarring your skin.  

What Are The Types Of Tattoos You Can Remove?

Laser tattoo removal treatment can eliminate the following types of tattoos:

  • Amateur Or Homemade Tattoos:Such tattoos are usually simple, small and thus easier to remove. In these superficial tattoos, the pigment deposit is in the epidermal and superficial dermal region, and laser treatment can easily destroy them. Removal of amateur tattoos requires lesser sessions than the professional ones to show optimal results.
  • Professional Tattoos:The removal of these tattoos is difficult, and requires more aggressive treatment as the ink deposits are relatively more and located in the deeper dermal layer of the skin. These tattoos may require more sessions of laser treatment to fade completely.  

Tattoo Removal Treatment At LASKIN

At LASKIN , experienced dermatologists undergo rigorous training to perform tattoo removal treatment with precision using cutting-edge USFDA-approved Q-switched Nd:YAG laser technology from Alma lasers Inc., Israel. It is one of the most powerful lasers to remove artificial or tattoo pigments and deliver the best results. It offers variable fluencies to target both superficial and deep dermis tattoo pigments effectively and safely.

Our medical experts at LASKIN  customise the laser parameters based on the skin tone and condition, ink colour, tattoo size and type and target area. They advise the application of numbing cream before the procedure to ensure you enjoy a virtually pain-free and comfortable tattoo removal experience.

They use a focused light beam during the procedure to destroy the tattoo ink while the surrounding skin remains undamaged. The tattoo pigments disintegrate after absorbing the light energy, and the body eliminates the ink debris eventually as a natural immune response. The cleansing process may take several weeks depending on the tattoo type, size, colour or location.

Doctors at LASKIN  provide extensive pre and post-care support to minimise side effects and maximise the results. As your treatment at LASKIN  advances, you will notice that your tattoo will start fading slowly but surely.

Laser treatment is an effective and revolutionary method to eliminate both professional and amateur, coloured and black unwanted tattoos. However, you may need multiple laser treatment sessions to achieve the best results of tattoo removal. Usually, doctors at LASKIN  decide the number of sessions you need based on the size of the tattoo, target area, ink colour, skin tone, and the client’s age.  

Tattoo Removal Treatment Procedure At LASKIN :

If you enrol for laser tattoo removal treatment at LASKIN , you can expect the below steps:

  • An exclusive consultation with an experienced dermatologist
  • Customisation of the treatment plan after determining the number of sessions you need based on the evaluation of the skin tone, type, size, colour and location of your tattoo
  • Pre-care instructions from the medical team
  • Planned sessions at regular interval
  • Extensive post-care support to minimise downtime 

Top Benefits Of Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment At LASKIN

Laser treatment at LASKIN  is the best tattoo removal method for the following reasons:

  • Non-Invasive Method: Laser tattoo removal doesn’t require any surgical intervention or blood loss. The treatment involves no cuts, wounds or stitches, only mild oedema and abrasion that resolves very quickly.
  • Precise:During the procedure, a dermatologist will use a laser beam to focus on the target area and break down the tattoo pigments without harming the surrounding skin.
  • Painless:It is a virtually painless treatment and the best tattoo removal method for big and permanent tattoos.
  • Permanent Results:You can attain unmatched and long-lasting results in minimal sessions, making it the best permanent tattoo removal method.
  • No Major Side Effects: Laser treatment at LASKIN  is one of the safest tattoo removal methods as it has no significant side effects except minor redness, bruising and swelling that account for minimal downtime.
  • Quick Results: Q-switched Nd:YAG laser uses a powerful and focused beam of light to eliminate the pigment deposit in the target area in ultra-short duration. This accelerates the tattoo removal process, making it easy to get rid of large tattoos within a few weeks after the treatment ends.
  • Effective Removal Of All Tattoos:Most tattoo inks are responsive to laser treatment. Also, a laser can remove small and large tattoos with its powerful pulse. Though, multi-coloured tattoos might need more sessions with lasers of different wavelengths than black ones. 

Why Choose LASKIN For Tattoo Removal Treatment?

Here are the top reasons why LASKIN  is the No 1 Clinic for permanent tattoo removal:

  • Cutting-edge USFDA-approved Q-switched Nd:YAG laser technology available in-house for safe and effective tattoo removal
  • Customised solutions based on tattoo colour, type and size, skin tone and condition, age and target area to assure the best results of tattoo removal 

How To Get Started?

Please ���Book An Appointment for customised laser tattoo removal treatment at LASKIN  Skin & Hair Clinic across our 23 locations. Alternatively, please contact us on our toll-free number . Our customer support team will connect with you shortly to schedule your consultation with our leading dermatologists at a time, date and branch of your choice.