Dark Circle Treatment

Dark circles are one of the most common aesthetic concerns due to changes in modern lifestyle, stress, increased screen time, nutritional deficiencies and more. Most men and women use concealers to hide the hyperpigmentation around their eyes temporarily. Though not a health condition, dark circles can make you look old, unhealthy and tired.

If you are wondering how to remove dark circles under eyes permanently, you came to the right place. Advanced US FDA-approved dark  circle treatments at our Skin & Hair Clinics help effectively and safely reduce them with long-lasting satisfaction.

What are dark circles under your eyes?

Dark circles can result from brownish to bluish skin tone or a shadowing effect in the eye area. They can lead to a tired, old and sickly appearance. Though not a health condition, it may be a significant facial aesthetic concern. Dark circles may become challenging to treat and require advanced procedures performed by a qualified medical professional. 

The condition, also known as Periorbital Hyperpigmentation (POH), Periorbital Melanosis, Infraorbital Darkening and Infraorbital Discolouration, affects up to 48% of people in the 16-25 age group.

What Are the types of Dark Circles?

Dark circles can be of three types:
  • Vascular Dark Circles:This refers to bluish discolouration around the eyes due to increased visibility of blood vessels. It occurs due to ageing-related collagen and elastin loss in the eye area, which makes the overlying skin thinner.

  • Pigmented Dark Circles:Dark brown pigmentation secondary to contact dermatitis occurs around the eyes due to friction or frequent rubbing and cosmetic allergy. Tan and pigmentary demarcation lines (PDL) may be other causes of hyperpigmentation around the eyes.

  • Structural Dark Circles: Hollowness or tear trough formation under the eyes, skin sag and fine lines due to ageing may cause a shadowing effect. Puffiness may occur due to the  collection of fluid or fat under the eyes. Volume loss in facial tissues is a common sign of ageing that may cause dark circles.

What Are the causes Of Dark Circles?

There are various causes of dark circles, including the following: 

Primary causes:

  • Genetics or family history of dark circles
  • Ageing can make pigmentary demarcation lines and dark circles noticeable due to any of the following:
    1. prominent vasculature
    2. tear trough formation
    3. thinning of skin due to collagen, elastin or fat loss
    4. fine lines
    5. sagginess
  • Side effects of drugs, especially those used for reducing ocular hypertension

Health concerns:

  • Contact dermatitis, e.g., due to allergic reaction to eye makeup 
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Refractive error
  • Disorders like anaemia because of nutritional deficiencies and dehydration
  • Thyroid hormone imbalance
  • Periorbital oedema or fluid retention due to hypertension and kidney or liver disorder
  • Obesity and insulin resistance may make the under-eye skin appear thick, pigmented and velvety due to a skin condition called acanthosis nigricans

Lifestyle factors:

  • Inadequate/ improper sleeping habits
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Increased eye strain
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Friction due to the habit of rubbing the eyes frequently
  • Smoking or alcohol consumption

Who Is At Higher Risk Of Having Dark Circles?

You have an increased risk of having dark circles if you come under any of the below categories:

  • You are an older adult.
  • You have a positive family history of dark circles.
  • You have a dark skin tone with a tendency to develop post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 

Dark Circle Removal Treatments At BEST SKINCARE CLINCS:

If you are worried about how to get rid of dark circles, there are many USFDA-approved advanced aesthetic treatments available at LASKIN, including:

  • Topical Applicants: Qualified dermatologists may prescribe creams with skin-lightening benefits to reduce dark circles containing powerful ingredients like kojic acid, retinoids, azelaic acid, arbutin, Vitamin C and They may cause skin irritation, so one must use them under medical supervision to avoid side effects.
  • Oral Medications:Our experienced medical experts may ask for blood investigations to check for underlying conditions like hypothyroidism, insulin resistance or any nutritional deficiency that may be causing dark circles. Accordingly, they may suggest suitable treatments or medicines.
  • Chemical Peels: Leading dermatologists at LASKIN are adept at using different concentrations and types of chemical peels to alleviate your superficial pigmentation without causing any irritation in the delicate eye area. They customise your chemical peel treatment and may recommend lactic acid peel followed by AHA (alpha-hydroxyl acid) peel or TCA (Trichloroacetic) peel based on the skin type, cause and severity of the condition.
    Watch this video to learn all about the benefits and procedure of chemical peel treatment:
  • Microneedling Radiofrequency: Expert dermatologists at LASKIN use USFDA-approved Secret RF technology to perform a minimally invasive treatment in the under-eye area and reduce skin laxity by increasing collagen and elastin stimulation.
  • Hyaluronic Fillers: LASKIN ’s medical experts can reverse the shadowing effect and tear trough formation due to ageing by injecting hyaluronic fillers that give instant results by lifting and volumizing the sagging skin in the under-eye area.
  • Botox: Our  dermatologists recommend Botox treatment to alleviate fine wrinkles around the eye area, like crow’s feet.

What Is the Procedure for Dark Circle removal treatment at BEST SKINCARE CLINCS?

If you enrol for top-class dark circle treatment at  our BEST SKINCARE clinics, you can expect the below protocol at par with global safety standards:

  • Comprehensive consultation
  • A customized treatment that includes suitable modality as solo or combo procedures and predetermined sessions of each based on the cause, type and severity of your condition
  • Pre-care guidance
  • Scheduled sessions
  • Post-care support
  • Follow-up sessions


Here are several reasons that make our SKINCARE the best clinic for dark circle treatment:

  • We have the largest team of 100+ dermatologists trained in providing customized care.
  • We offer USFDA-approved treatment options with proven safety and efficacy to treat the delicate skin in the eye area.
  • BEST SKINCARE is synonymous with world-class treatments with extensive pre- and post-care support that assure you of the best results minus major side effects.
  • Each of our clinics has state-of-the-art infrastructure to safeguard client privacy and comfort during the treatment. 

How To Get Started?

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